Cleveland Underground Hip Hop
The B - Boy Perspective

StumbleUponWelcome to Cleveland underground hip hop. This website is designed to introduce the world to the Cleveland hip hop scene and show them how to get involved.

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The scene is very much alive but many people do not even know where to begin. We need new people, like you, constantly trying to get involved because the more people who contribute to the scene the bigger the scene gets and the larger the impact made to the national hip hop agenda. This will make it a lot easier to get Cleveland hip hop acts from local to national status.

I have actively been involved in the hip hop scene for about seven years. During that time I opened for a number of national acts and was so privileged to B-boy with Cleveland's best in every venue you can think of.

I have been a part of some of Cleveland's finest underground hip hop shows...

At the end of the day the thing I am most proud of doing is inspiring and introducing some of Cleveland's finest to the game.

This a glimpse into what I learned…

Anyone can get involved in the scene all they really need is two things. A love for Hip Hop and a love for Cleveland. If you have these two things I can show you what you need to know to make an impact in the scene.

This site has a couple of unique resources to help you chose your path and get started on your way.



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Slo-Lurnrz Mixtape - New Hip Hop Wave
The Slo Lurnz Mixtape is set to change the game forever. The level of talent and planning in this project is unmatched - B-boy Bobby Champagne
The Cleveland Hip Hop Registry
The Cleveland Hip Hop Registry...Meet the The Scene and Get Involved.
Online Breakdance Class Register Today
Our Online breakdance class is designed to let you learn from the comfort of your home at your own pace. Learn from professional breakdancers as we help you to master your b-boy skill.
Cleveland Breakdance Class
Breakdance class for anyone. Fun for all ages. Basics to advanced moves. Learn flavor, power, and top rocks.
Professional Breakdancers
Professional breakdancers for corporate events, shows, music videos and commercials. Nothing brings the skill and high energy to an event like skilled breakdancers.
Learn to Breakdance for Free With This Free Video Guide
You can learn to breakdance. It is easy and fun. I will show you the basics and tell you where to go to get your break on...
Cleveland Graffiti Place
Get ready to be emersed in the underground life of Cleveland Graffiti. Learn from the pros and master the techniques.
The MC Guide
The MC Guide gives you a step by step easy to follow process to get your your name on the streets and your music heard.
Studio Time – Learn and Save
Everything you need to know to save you money on studio time and get your music recorded at great quality.
The Best Artist Booking Page
This Artist Booking Page is Where to Find The Hottest Acts in Cleveland.
How to Flier your way to success
If you are concerned with politics this flier guide is not for you. This is only for die hard promoters that want to throw the best event possible.
Start Learning to Promote Cleveland Underground Hip Hop
Learning to promote cleveland underground hip hop has never been easier. I want to show you how to throw great parties all year around...
Learn to DJ Hip Hop
Learn to Dj from Cleveland's finest. Scratching, juggling, and beat matching are all covered in this slo-motion video guide series.
Cleveland Underground Hip Hop Clothes Guide
A b-boy guide to underground hip hop clothes. Meet who you need to know to get the freshest gear in town or learn how to make your own.
Cleveland Underground Hip Hop Blog How to Get Involved
The Cleveland underground hip hop blog will show you how to get involved in the scene and make a deference. This site will show you how everything you need to know to get your voice heard.
Cleveland Underground Events Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, and Techno Calender...
This cleveland underground events calendar is designed to give everyone a one stop shop for all your b boy / b girl needs. now you can see when the next breakdance battle is or next rave...
The Cleveland Hip Hop Shop
The Cleveland Hip Hop Shop - all of your hip hop equipment in one easy place.
Contact Info for Cleveland Underground Hip Hop
Contact info for Cleveland underground hip hop, and a little information about us.
Cleveland Hip Hop Site Map
Cleveland hip hop site map. Learn how to get involved. and get your voice heard.